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Beta Testing Participation Policy

  • What policies govern participation in the beta testing?

    The Finance and Records Department will invite stakes, districts, wards, and branches to test the latest functions to be added to LCR.

    Those invited to test the new LCR functions must agree online when logging in to the beta site to terms and conditions that indicate that the stake president and the bishop approve of the testing. Those leaders must also be made aware that clerks and leaders who use the beta version of LCR will be using and updating actual membership information for Church members in their units. They must also know that any errors or problems that may result from using the beta version of LCR will be corrected as quickly as possible.

    Those testing new LCR functions may, at any time, return to using the production version of LCR.  

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  • What is LCR beta testing?

    The LCR beta site is designed for local unit clerks to test new LCR capabilities before they are released worldwide.

  • How can I participate in LCR beta testing?

    The LCR team at Church headquarters is compiling a list of units that wish to participate in testing new LCR functions. Bishops and stake presidents must approve participation by your ward or stake. 

  • Do I have to have testing experience to participate on the beta tests?

    No prior testing experience is required. However, the features being tested are new, and you may find problems that need to be worked out. Because of that, patience is usually the most important requirement for beta testing. An explanation of the new functions and how to test them will be provided with each beta release.

    To join the list of potential participants, send an email to ClerkBeta@ldschurch.org. In the email message include your name, your calling, and the name and number of your unit. Indicate that your bishop and stake president have given permission to participate.

  • Does beta testing affect real membership data in my unit?

    Yes. The LCR beta site uses real data. Any changes you make on the beta site will be made to the member's official membership record. The changes will also be visible on the regular LCR site and in MLS. 

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Authorization to Participate

  • Why do I need permission from my bishop and stake president to participate in the beta testing?

    Because your stake president and bishop are responsible for maintaining accurate membership information, they must authorize your participation. Any changes made to a member’s Church membership record during beta testing will be recorded on a member’s official Church membership record.

    Your bishop and stake president must be aware that the membership information you change during beta testing will affect a member’s record. The LCR team will do its best to prevent problems from happening. Problems created during beta testing will be resolved promptly.

  • How will I know that I can begin testing the LCR beta system?

    You will be notified by email when approval to participate has been given. 

  • Is the beta site available in languages other than English?

    Not yet, but eventually it will be. In the development cycle, when the beta test is released, it is initially available only in English. Other languages are added as they become available.

    Sufficient time will be given for each cycle of beta testing to ensure that adequate language testing has been completed before new functions are released worldwide.

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Testing Procedures

  • Do I have to perform duplicate work on the LCR site and the beta site and MLS?

    No. Changes you make to a member’s record on the beta test site will be made to the member’s official membership record and will be visible in LCR, MLS, LDS Tools, and LDS.org Directory.

  • How do I report problems I may find in the membership information because of incorrect changes made during beta testing?

    Send your feedback as soon as you identify problems by clicking the blue Feedback link at the bottom right corner of the screen. We will take steps to correct any problems identified. This page captures valuable testing information, and it provides a place for you to comment and submit screenshots. The feedback is sent directly to the product team, which regularly reviews and analyzes the feedback.

  • What do I do if I don’t want to beta test LCR anymore?

    You can end your participation in LCR beta testing at any time by switching to the regular version of LCR. To switch to the regular version, click the Home icon at the top left corner of the LCR window, and then click Leader and Clerk Resources

  • How do I know what is new for me to beta test in LCR?

    Click the blue Beta banner in the top right corner of the screen. An overview with links to specific information will be shown. The overview provides a high-level summary of the new content. Clicking on a specific topic will provide more detail about the feature, as well as suggestions about what and how to test the feature.

    In addition, we try to indicate new functions by highlighting new or changed menu items and links in yellow. 

  • When does a beta test end?

    A particular test will end when sufficient testing has been completed and a full production release is planned. A beta test may also be closed if a significant defect is identified.

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