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All Users: General Issues

  • How can I see the directory for other wards or branches in my stake or district?

    Once you have tapped on a menu item such as the directory, to change units, just tap on the currently selected unit’s name at the top of the screen, and then select the desired unit from the drop-down menu.

  • How can I keep notes about members in LDS Tools?

    In order to ensure the privacy of members and comply with data privacy laws, LDS Tools does not allow users to record notes about members.

  • I do not remember my LDS Account login information; how can I reset it?

    For help with your LDS Account username or password, please visit:

  • When I try to sign in to LDS Tools, I get an “Error Downloading” message, how can I sign in?

    This is because your LDS Account is not associated with your Church Membership Record Number (MRN). Visit the LDS Account registration page to add your MRN to your LDS Account and then try signing in to LDS Tools again.

  • Is it possible to view information for members outside of my stake or district?

    No, it is not possible. You are authorized to view information only for members who are in your stake or district or in stakes or districts in which you have a calling. This includes any members that you may have added to a custom list. If a member that is in your custom list moves out of your stake or district, they will be removed from the list the next time you sync your data.

  • When I choose to add a member to my mobile device contacts, what information is included?

    When tapping “Add to Contacts” for an individual member in the directory, you are given the option to create a new contact or to update an existing contact. After making a selection, the following fields are added for the contact:

    •         Name
    •         Phone (personal and household)
    •         Email (personal and household)
    •         Address

    If you choose to update an existing contact, the fields will be added only if they aren’t already listed for the contact or if they are listed but do not match exactly. For example, if there is already a phone number listed for the contact but it does not match a number being imported, then the field is duplicated to ensure existing data is not deleted or overwritten.

  • What system-access permissions does LDS Tools require from my mobile device?

    LDS Tools requires:

    • Permission to determine if an Internet connection is available and to access the connection to sync data.
    • Permission to write the LDS Tools database and cached images to external storage on your mobile device.
    • Permission to add an individual to personal contacts on the mobile device.
    • Permission to add an event from the stake calendar to the personal calendar on the mobile device. 
    • Permission for authorized users (household members for their own household or ward administrators) to take pictures of members and upload them directly in LDS Tools, which will also add the photos to the membership directory.
    • Permission to use Near Field Communication (NFC), if it is available on the mobile device, which allows users to tap devices to show individual members or events.
    • Permission to tap on phone numbers and call them directly from LDS Tools.
    • Permission for LDS Tools to use wireless Internet, mobile cell data, or the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the device's location when using the Maps feature in LDS Tools.
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All Users: Data Issues

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