It Really Happened, left page

Illustrated by Don Seegmiller

Early in the year 1884 the beautiful Mormon temple in Logan, Utah, was almost ready to be dedicated. …

While the temple was being built, Bishop Henry Ballard, who had worked on the Temple from its beginning, prayed earnestly that in some way he would receive names of ancestors who had lived in far-off England.

On the day before the dedication of the Temple and while several of Bishop Ballard’s daughters were playing …

Two strange men suddenly approached!!!

It Really Happened, right page

Illustrated by Don Seegmiller

One of the men gave the oldest girl a folded newspaper saying … “Give this to your father and to no one else, go quickly and don’t lose it.”

The girl hurried to take the paper …

… to her father.

It was the Newberry Weekly News, printed in his hometown in England just three days before. One full page was filled with birth and death dates of people buried in the Newberry cemetery.

The Temple President said, “Bishop Ballard you are authorized to do work for these people, you received the record through messengers of the Lord.”