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July 1981


First Presidency Message

A Glorious Promise
By President Marion G. Romney
Gaining a Testimony of Jesus Christ By Elder Bruce R. McConkie
Where Following Him Can Lead Us By Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone
Train Wreck! By Carole Osborne Cole
She Shared Her Poverty By Martha P. Taysom
Questions and Answers
“And the Truth Shall Make You Free” By Elder James E. Faust
Bring a Terrible Enemy into the Church By Shawn Bell and Matt Taylor
A Test-Yourself Quiz on Scriptural Repeats by John A. Tvedtnes
Just Gentiles By William G. Hartley
Overcoming Our Mistakes By Lowell L. Bennion
Children’s Section
The Phantom Dog By Laurie W. Thornton
Alma Elizabeth Comes to America By William G. Hartley