The rooms that April morning had been beautifully decorated with flowers for it was President Snow’s eighty-seventh birthday. On the mantle stood a more beautiful arrangement of roses. Before the president was awake there came a knock at the door of the Beehive House. When it was opened, there stood two little girls behind armloads of stunning red roses for President Snow.

The girls sang two or three songs and he was deeply touched by the serenade. He said he would cherish the memory all of his life.

As a boy, Lorenzo loved to read. He later became a teacher and a community builder. He was chosen by President Brigham Young to lead fifty families to an area later known as Brigham City, Utah. His work was interrupted when he was called on a mission to the Hawaiian Islands.

After the ship’s arrival there, Lorenzo and his companions were going ashore in a smaller boat when suddenly their tiny craft capsized and washed them overboard. Lorenzo’s lifeless body was found and he was administered to. Lorenzo miraculously recovered from this terrifying experience, for the Lord had other important work for him to accomplish.

At eighty-four years of age, Lorenzo Snow became the fifth president of the Church. Shortly thereafter he had the miraculous experience of seeing the Lord in one of the halls of the Salt Lake Temple after he had been seeking His guidance in earnest prayer.

President Snow is remembered best for his encouragement of the Saints to pay a full tithing, for his wise decisions in helping the Church to get out of debt, and for expanding the missionary system throughout the world.

Lorenzo Snow(click to view larger)

Illustrated by Howard Boughner