Moments With The Prophets:

Arnold Irvine

Church News

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    When Lorenzo Snow stood on a rocky point of what he called Mount Brigham in 1850, he may have been looking far beyond the Piedmont Valley of northern Italy, and far ahead in time.

    As a newly ordained apostle, he had been called at general conference in 1849 to open the missionary work in Italy. He picked two brethren in England to assist him.

    However, the energetic apostle was not content to limit his activities to this narrow field. He sent missionaries into Switzerland to open that land to the preaching of the gospel. Other elders were dispatched to Malta.

    Later, with the approval of the rest of the Council of the Twelve, he sent missionaries to far-off Calcutta, India, and laid plans to join them.

    From India, missionaries moved into other Far East lands, and Elder Snow thought of expanding the work into Greece, and possibly Egypt.

    Some of those fields have been reopened in more recent times, and the work is moving forward. In others, Elder Snow’s hopes are yet be realized, but his zeal is an example to all.