Sharing Time: Be a Good Example

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    Be a Good Example

    Long ago, when soldiers went into battle, they dressed in metal armor, and they carried swords and shields to protect themselves from the swords and arrows of their enemies.

    Today in the battle against evil, we can protect ourselves by wearing a different kind of armor. It is called the armor of God. (See Eph. 6:11–17.) Such armor is what we call spiritual strength. It helps us to withstand temptation and unclean things. If we clothe ourselves with spiritual strength, we can know true peace and be an example of one who puts on the whole armor of God.


    1. Cut out shields. Place shield A on top of shield B and glue the left edges together.

    2. Cut dotted lines on shield A and fold back one section at a time to uncover shield B and discover what the armor of God is made of.

    3. Look up scriptures on shield B to find out how each person listed was a good example.

    4. Think how you can live so that you can be a better example.

    5. Share this activity with your family during family home evening.

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    Metal Armor






    Shod (covered) Feet

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    Armor of God (Spiritual Strength)

    Clean Thoughts Right Principles (Shadrach—Dan. 1)

    Prayerful Honest Fair (Enoch—Moses 6–7)

    Truth The Gospel (Paul—Rom. 1–2)

    Preparation—Feet on the Path (Nephi—1 Ne. 11–12)



    Faith Trust in God (David—1 Sam. 17)