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Aug.–Sept. 1985


First Presidency Message

The Resurrection of Jesus
Marion G. Romney 
Parallel Prophets: Paul and Joseph SmithRichard Lloyd Anderson 
Once the Sacrifice, Twice the BlessingMary Ann Young 
Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi: Steadfast amid ChangeLarry E. Morris 
“With the Sound of a Trump”Jeanne Newman 
My Friend—Far Away and Long AgoPeggy Hill Ryskamp 
Hidden TreasureLori Anne Brown 
Working for a TestimonyDennis L. Lythgoe 
Here, Elder MyersLeonard F. Myers 
Yao-shiRichard Tice 
Number One Goal—Convert DadElizabeth Sainsbury Orton 
Reassuring ComfortJoEllen Jester 
The Gift of the Holy GhostAlice Stratton 
Friend to FriendJanet Peterson 
Lot’s Escape