What Can I Do to Be a Missionary?

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    Here are fourteen things you can do to be a missionary. Make a check by an item each time you do it. During family home evening, challenge the members of your family to do some of the items from the list.

    1. _1.

      Memorize at least one scripture every month.

    2. _2.

      Invite nonmember friends to come to your home after school to play.

    3. _3.

      Start, or add to, your savings for a mission.

    4. _4.

      Write a letter to a missionary.

    5. _5.

      Pray morning and night.

    6. _6.

      Attend Church meetings and listen well.

    7. _7.

      Obey the Word of Wisdom.

    8. _8.

      Attend a friend’s baptism.

    9. _9.

      Pray for the missionaries.

    10. _10.

      Say hello to two new people at school.

    11. _11.

      Give someone a Book of Mormon with your testimony written inside.

    12. _12.

      Suggest that a nonmember or inactive family be invited to family home evening.

    13. _13.

      Bear your testimony in sacrament meeting.

    14. _14.

      Give referrals of nonmembers to missionaries.

    [illustrations] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney