Who Is This Prophet?

By Jennavee Allgrunn

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    1 Born July 19, 1876
    Ordained an apostle by his own father
    Read the Book of Mormon twice before he was ten years old
    Became President of the Church when 93 years old

    2 Born March 28, 1895
    Memorized the Articles of Faith while milking cows
    Loved and helped the Lamanite people
    Wrote the book, The Miracle of Forgiveness

    3 Born April 4, 1870
    Had the Book of Mormon printed in Braille for the blind
    Made a list of his goals, called a creed, by which he lived his life
    Had tons of food and clothing sent to Europe for those suffering the effects of World War II

    4 Born November 13, 1838
    Became an orphan at the age of 13
    Went on a mission to Hawaii when 15 years old
    Received Doctrine and Covenants Section 138 by revelation

    5 Born June 1, 1801
    Learned to be a good leader when marching with Zion’s Camp
    Led the pioneers across the plains to Utah
    Was president of the Church for over 29 years, longer than any other prophet

    6 Born March 1, 1807
    Converted about 1,800 people on a mission to Great Britain
    Narrowly escaped death several times as a child
    Wrote his experiences in a journal

    7 Born March 28, 1899
    Grew up on a farm
    Started the Welfare program to help those in need
    Learned to play the piano and several other musical instruments


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