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May 1988


First Presidency Message

The Book of Mormon Is the Word of God
Ezra Taft Benson 

What the Book of Mormon Means to Us

Nourishment for Daily Living
Dwan J. Young 
From Queenstown to CimezileE. E. Fourie 

Questions and Answers

Is it wrong to have questions or to be unsure about parts of the Church?
Sasha William Kwapinski 

Questions and Answers

Am I wrong in wanting to donate some organs for transplantaion?
Cecil O. Samuelson Jr. 
Ricardo Perez: Building a Three-Generation Gospel Legacy in Quetzaltenango, GuatemalaDon L. Searle 
DavidMaria Ramos 

The Mormon Experience

A Calming Spirit Entered My Classroom
Nadine Doyle 

The Mormon Experience

Finding Joy in the Savior’s Plan
Wilma Gardner 

The Mormon Experience

Those Long Hours Do Pay Off
Sharon De Mordaunt 
Cleansing the Inner Vessel: The Process of RepentanceLarry Tippetts 
An Answer to PrayerArtel Ricks 

Handbook for Families

Seeking Learning by Study and Faith
“Father, Where Are You?”Jerry Pruyne and Hermine B. Horman 
Joseph Smith on the Resurrection 

Visiting Teaching Message:

“Charity Vaunteth Not Itself, Is Not Puffed Up”
The End of My SearchCarole Sayers Fullwood 
SeasonsLaird Roberts 
“He Shall Prepare a Way”Carolyn Schneider 
What Am I Doing Wrong?Carl Houghton 
Happiness Times TwoMelvin Leavitt 
With All Thy HeartMike Austin 
The Conversion of Alma the Younger 
People to Remember in the Book of MormonJanet Peterson 
Book of Mormon Activity 
Juanito Finds a WayCarol S. Lemon