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Feb. 1989


First Presidency Message

In His Steps
Ezra Taft Benson 
Kim Ho Jik: Korean PioneerDenny Roy 
The Love That We ShareKathlene Hardcastle 

The Mormon Experience

Not Me—I Smoke and Drink
Joan Atkinson 

The Mormon Experience

“You’re under Arrest”
Walter M. Horne 
Teaching Each Child in My ClassDixie Casper Nelson 
Mormon Message 
Never AgainElaine Vaughn 

Visiting Teaching Message:

Come unto Jesus
The Gift of KnowingF. Burton Howard 
When I Couldn’t Answer Their QuestionsChristy Williams 
A Headful of ScripturesTom Rose 
Decide to DecideCarolyn DeVries 
The Challenge of a Mission CallJanet Thomas and Lisa A. Johnson 
The Doctrine and Covenants 

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Search the Scriptures
Pat Graham 
George Q. CannonJane McBride Choate 

Fun Page

Nephi Builds a Ship
Becky Morgan and Sally Hanna 

Fun Page

The Book of Jacob
Julie Wardell 

Fun Page

Name This Prophet
JennaVee Allgrunn