King Benjamin was a righteous leader. He served his people and wanted them to keep the commandments. When he became old, he gathered his people at the temple to speak to them. The people brought their families and set up their tents so that they could stay to hear all that King Benjamin had to tell them. Because there was such a large crowd, King Benjamin built a tower to speak from so that more people could hear him. For those who were too far away, he had his words written down and sent among the people. He wanted everyone to understand what they should do to be happy. King Benjamin loved his people. He set a good example for them, and they believed his words.

Today you can be a leader and help others live happily. You may never build a tower to speak from, but you can learn to lead your family and friends by serving them righteously.


1. Cut out King Benjamin, the empty scroll, and the tower puzzle pieces.

Paper cutouts

Illustrated by Rudy Anderson

Paper cutouts

2. Read the statements about King Benjamin as you put the tower together. (Compare Mosiah 2 and Mosiah 4.) Place King Benjamin on the top of the tower.

Taught them to keep the commandments (See Mosiah 2:4.)

Did not claim to be better (See Mosiah 2:26.)

Delivered them from their enemies (See Mosiah 2:14.)

Worked with the people (See Mosiah 2:14.)

Did not tax people; not paid for his work (See Mosiah 2:12.)

When you serve others, you’re serving Jesus (See Mosiah 2:17.)

Served with all his might, mind, and strength (See Mosiah 2:11.)

Do not rebel against God (See Mosiah 2:36–69.)

3. Find at least ten things in Mosiah 4 that King Benjamin taught his people. Write these on the scroll.

Book of Mormon scroll

Illustrated by Phyllis Luch

4. Make a list of some things that you might teach others by your example.

Sharing Time Ideas

  1. Honor those who serve you righteously—family, church, school, community leaders. As a group or as individuals, children could write a letter, telling how they are trying to do what a particular leader, such as bishop, has taught them to do.

  2. Pretend that you or children are leader(s) of new country. Discuss what rules and laws would be needed so that people living in new country would be happy.