The True Church of Jesus Christ

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    (See D&C 19, 20, 21.)

    It was almost time for the true Church of Jesus Christ to be on earth again. Jesus gave Joseph Smith a revelation for the people. Jesus wanted the people to be ready for his church so he told them more about the gospel.

    Jesus said: the Book of Mormon is true and teaches his gospel and he wants people to believe in it; he died so people who have done wrong can repent and go to heaven; people need to be baptized and keep the commandments; people should take the sacrament often to remember his sacrifice and have his spirit with them.

    A few weeks later, Jesus Christ told Joseph Smith to start the Church. He obeyed. On April 6, 1830, Joseph held a meeting. Five men came to the meeting to help Joseph. The men were Oliver Cowdery, Hyrum Smith, Samuel Smith, David Whitmer, and Peter Whitmer. They had been baptized. Other people came too.

    The men prayed to Heavenly Father. Joseph ordained Oliver an elder in the Church. Then Oliver ordained Joseph. Joseph and Oliver blessed the sacrament. They gave it to the men.

    Joseph and Oliver put their hands on each man’s head and confirmed the men members of the Church of Jesus Christ. They gave them the gift of the Holy Ghost. Joseph and Oliver ordained some of the other men into the priesthood. All of these men were very happy and said they loved Heavenly Father.

    Jesus gave a revelation to Joseph Smith at the meeting. Jesus said Joseph was a prophet and when a prophet speaks, he speaks for Jesus. The members of the Church should listen to the prophet and obey him.

    After the meeting many people were baptized. Joseph Smith’s mother and father were baptized. April 6, 1830 was a wonderful day! The true Church of Jesus Christ was on the earth again.