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Oct. 1989


First Presidency Message

Born of God
Ezra Taft Benson 

Visiting Teaching Message:

“Turning Our Hearts”
Lost Truths Restored: Part IIIGilbert W. Scharffs 
The Eight-Year Book of MormonDennis C. Brimhall 
Joaquim Stopped Coming to ChurchKeith Nielson 
A Single Parent—But Not AloneFrances Warden 
Beyond the BuffaloDiane Lofgren Mangum 

Mormon Experience

A Family for Peter
Lin Watson 
The Knight Family: Part IWilliam G. Hartley 
A Gift of MemoriesLaRene Gaunt 
On Death and DyingWilliam M. Timmins 
More Than One Kind of ChampionJason John Bushnell 
“Art Thou Greater?”Jennifer Clark 
Having Fun Helping OthersRichard M. Romney 
A High-Kicking FamilyLaird Roberts 
The Song of the RighteousElaine Fronk Whiteley 
Lift Up Your Voice 

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Live the Golden Rule
Pat Graham 

Fun Page

Becky Morgan and Sally Hanna 

Fun Page

What Am I?
Julie Wardell 

Fun Page

Person, Place, or Thing?
Susan Meeks