Be a Friend of the Savior

By Elder Robert E. Wells

of the First Quorum of the Seventy

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    Adapted from an October 1982 general conference address.

    I believe it to be the responsibility of every member of the Church to so live that there will never be any doubt that we are Christians and friends of the Savior.

    President Spencer W. Kimball was a friend of the Savior. When he was in the hospital ready to undergo open-heart surgery, his bed was being wheeled down the hall and into the operating room by a young hospital attendant. The young man accidentally smashed his finger in the door frame. He was in pain, and he took the name of the Savior in vain. President Kimball, although already sedated, opened his eyes and gently rebuked the attendant: “Young man, don’t say that; He’s my best friend!”

    Do you and I have that kind of a relationship with the Savior? Does Jesus know that we feel about Him the way President Kimball felt about Him?

    Another example of President Kimball’s discipleship occurred one Christmas Eve several years ago. He called and asked if I was busy. I quickly responded, “Not at all. What can I do for you, President Kimball?” He told me that he needed a companion to go with him to the Primary Children’s Medical Center to give blessings to several children from South America, as well as to some American Indian children.

    Once there, we went from floor to floor giving blessings to them and to many others. I was deeply affected by the love of President Kimball and by his tender friendship with each child. He exemplified the tender, loving friendship that the Savior would give. It was easy to see how he could say, “The Savior is my friend.”

    I pray that all of us will strive daily to be better friends of the Savior.

    Photography by Steve Bunderson