The Prophet’s Words

It is so valuable to me to have the Liahona (Spanish). In its pages I can find the prophet’s words and those of the other General Authorities. Through its beautiful truths, I can know the Lord’s will.

One of the most meaningful messages to me has been “To the Single Adult Women in the Church” by President Ezra Taft Benson. I can feel that those were the words of the Lord to his daughters. It is so clear and real, and I can see that those principles are eternal and are there to help me maintain the vision of being worthy to go to the holy temple. It is so beautiful to trust in the Lord and know that his promises will be totally fulfilled if we are obedient.

As I read the Liahona, I get to know my brothers and sisters around the world, and read of their experiences and testimonies. I am happy to know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is found in so many countries, and that people everywhere can enjoy the Savior’s message.

I know that our Heavenly Father loves all of humanity, and he desires what’s best for his children.

Maria Quinteros Inostroza
Jose Arrieta Ward, Santiago Chile Las Condes Stake

Follow in His Footsteps

In order for us to have upright hearts, and in order for us to enhance our spirits, we must look for good books and magazines. There has always been a good magazine by my side to fulfill this requirement—a good magazine waiting for me each month—the Songdo Wi Bot (Saint’s Friend in Korean).

I’m thankful that through the magazine I’ve come to know the truthfulness of the Savior’s message, and that I’ve been able to follow in His footsteps by reading the words of the living prophet.

More than in any other magazine, I find uplifting testimonies and beautiful stories in the pages of Songdo Wi Bot. Like a fresh rain on a drought-stricken plain, the magazine provides us with those things we need to combat life’s disappointments, frustrations, sadness and discouragements.

I love Songdo Wi Bot, and hold it in the highest regard. I hope that more Saints will come to love this magazine, and will share it with, along with the Book of Mormon, their neighbors.

Lee, Kang Ok
Shindang Ward, Seoul Korea Stake

Anxiously Awaited

Many Church members, including the less active, anxiously await the arrival of A Liahona (Portuguese) each month.

The First Presidency’s message is very special. It makes us feel as if we were talking, face to face, with the representative of the Lord.

Because the magazine includes material for all ages, even the children welcome it. When it arrives, some readers immediately look for the local news section, and the Relief Society sisters soon find the Visiting Teaching Message to share with the sisters they visit.

It seems that each month we can hear the Saints say, “The latest issue of the A Liahona is great! There’s some article in there that I think were written especially for me.”

For many less active members, the magazine is the only link between them and the Church.

Alcina Penedo Tinoco Barbosa
Jardim Caxingui, Sao Paulo Brazil Stake

Very Uplifting

The first thing I do as soon as I receive De Ster (Dutch), is read the First Presidency Message and check if there is anything I need to implement in my life. Then I turn to the members’ personal experiences, because I feel it is very uplifting to read about people in similar circumstances, especially European members.

I would very much like to read about members upholding gospel principles despite living in countries where political and social conditions make it very hard for them. Their experiences should be uplifting for members in other parts of the world.

Margriet Noot
Nijmegen, The Netherlands