Reading Builds Testimony

I felt inspired to write and tell you that I know you have a great work to carry out. Our Heavenly Father has given you a wonderful spirit to guide you in following the commandments while working for him. His work is one of victory and triumph wherever it goes.

God works in many different ways and one way he has helped me is he has blessed me with a love for reading and through Church literature, such as the Liahona (Spanish), I have been able to learn about faith, patience, godliness, self-control, and the pure love of Christ. It is important to me that today, as in the times of Joseph Smith, God reveals his word to us. Most of all, I am happy that my family and I are members of the true Church.

Jose Eduardo Molina Gatica
Guatemala City, Guatemala

Appropriate Reading

As a Latter-day Saint family in The Netherlands, finding appropriate reading material is not always easy. Books and magazines are often not up to Church standards, and in those that are, we miss the influence of the restored gospel. Consequently, our whole family looks forward to the monthly issue of De Ster (Dutch). We enjoy the talks by the General Authorities and are touched by the special experiences of other Saints.

Nicolette Steinvoorte
Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Missionary Magazine

It is my privilege to enjoy the Liahona (Spanish), and to read the messages and testimonies of the General Authorities. They tell us of prophecies and blessings. I know that each of the Brethren who write in the Liahona has a strong testimony of the gospel.

Every time I am away from home, I take my favorite magazine with me. I never leave this inspiring magazine home.

The Liahona came into my hands before the Book of Mormon did. I remember in the 1960’s, when my oldest daughter had hepatitis, the missionaries came and gave me a magazine for her to read. When I read it, I was impressed by President David O. McKay’s message, “No success in life can compensate for failure in the home” (General Conference, April 1964). This message made me think about the home I was raised in.

Dear brothers and sisters, I know that by reading the inspired messages in the magazine, we will strengthen our faith. I know that they are the scriptures and revelations to guide us in our lifetime.

Mercedes Godoy de Pantoja
La Florida Second Ward, Santiago Chile La Florida Stake

Sharing Book of Mormon

Among those things that bring happiness into my life is my monthly issue of the Songdo Wi Bot (Saint’s Friend in Korean).

In its pages, I can read the words of inspiration revealed by our Heavenly Father to a living prophet.

In the pages of the magazine, I read of President Ezra Taft Benson’s admonition that we “flood the world” with the Book of Mormon—sharing with it our friendship and our testimony. So I’ve set a goal this year of giving 100 copies of the Book of Mormon—with my family’s picture and my testimony included—to my non-member associates at work and to the ward missionaries.

I believe without a doubt that the prophet’s words reflect the Lord’s will concerning us, and I know that when I obey his words, the Lord will bless us.

Lee, Ho Sang
Choong Jeong Ward, Seoul North Korea Stake