Simple Steps for Sharing the Gospel

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    Every Member a Missionary

    1. Study the gospel yourself. Pray, seek the Spirit, and strengthen your testimony and your knowledge of the Church, so you’ll be prepared to share it.

    2. Make friends. Learn to love them. Be a good friend to them. Get involved in several activities that will help you meet a variety of people.

    3. Invite your friends to a Church-related activity. Plan ahead to make sure the atmosphere will be warm and friendly.

    4. Answer their questions about the Church openly and easily. If you’re prepared, you won’t have problems with this. Be accurate and sincere.

    5. Have an extra copy of the Book of Mormon to give or lend to your new friends, or with anyone you may meet.

    6. Discuss with them interesting ideas from Sunday School, Relief Society, priesthood manuals and classes.

    7. Tell them about any information you have gathered as part of your family history. Suggest that they might find it interesting to research their genealogy—and then help them do it.

    8. Invite them to Church meetings that will provide spiritual uplift. Make sure they understand that the wonderful, warm feeling they’re experiencing is the Spirit.

    9. Find the right place and the right time to bear your testimony. Tell them how much the gospel means to you, and how much they mean to you. Invite them to have the full-time missionaries teach them the discussions.

    10. Don’t get discouraged if they tell you they’re not interested. Whatever you do, don’t stop being their friend. It would hurt them to think you’re interested in them only as potential converts. There might come a time in their lives when they are ready to accept the gospel. Your friendship and the experiences they’ve had with you in the Church will make a strong impression in their minds.

    11. Support them in their efforts to go to church. Help them find rides, whenever necessary. Be sure they know what’s happening and when, and always see that they have someone to sit with.

    12. Give them a subscription to the Tambuli, or share articles with them from your copy.

    13. Always set a good example. Your friends are watching you to see if you live according to your standards.

    14. Don’t ever stop trying! The beautiful feeling you get when one friend accepts the gospel is worth a thousand rejections.

    One of the simple steps for sharing the gospel is having an extra copy of the Book of Mormon on hand so when the opportunity to share it arises, you are prepared. (Illustrated by Timothy Sheppard.)