They build a ship

After Lehi and his family had camped by the sea for many days, the Lord spoke to Nephi. He told Nephi to build a ship to carry them to the promised land. 1 Ne. 17:7–8

The Lord showed Nephi how to build the ship

Nephi did not know how to build a ship, but the Lord said that he would show him. He told Nephi where to find metal to make the tools he would need. 1 Ne. 17:9–10

Laman and Lemuel don’t believe Nephi

Laman and Lemuel made fun of Nephi for starting to build a ship. They did not believe that the Lord had told Nephi how to do it. They refused to help. 1 Ne. 17:17–18

Nephi reminded them of the visit of the angel

Nephi wanted Laman and Lemuel to repent and not be rebellious. He reminded them that they had seen an angel. He also told them that God has power to do all things. 1 Ne. 17:23, 45–46

They were angry with Nephi

Laman and Lemuel were angry with Nephi. They wanted to throw him into the sea. They started toward Nephi, but the power of God was with him. 1 Ne. 17:48

Nephi had power of God with him

Nephi commanded them not to touch him, or they would wither. He said that they should help build a ship. 1 Ne. 17:49–50

Laman and Lemuel recognize power of God

Then the Lord told Nephi to touch Laman and Lemuel. When Nephi touched them, the Lord shocked them. Laman and Lemuel knew that the power of God was with Nephi. 1 Ne. 17:53–54

If they obey God they will be blessed

Nephi told Laman and Lemuel to obey God and their parents. He said that they would be blessed if they would do this. 1 Ne. 17:55

They help Nephi build the ship

Laman and Lemuel repented and helped Nephi build the ship. 1 Ne. 18:1–2

The Lord taught Nephi how to build the ship

Many times Nephi went into the mountain to pray for help. The Lord taught him how to build the ship. 1 Ne. 18:3

It was a good ship

When Nephi and his brothers had finished building it, they knew that it was a good ship. They thanked God for his help. 1 Ne. 18:4

Illustrated By Jerry Thompson