The Holy Ghost

By Ann Laemmlen and Jackie Owen

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    Persons who have been confirmed members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may have the Holy Ghost with them. The Holy Ghost helps them know that Heavenly Father and Jesus are real. The Holy Ghost helps people make the right choices. He helps them learn and know God’s principles. He is like a friend who can always be with us and help us decide what to do.

    What Might the Holy Ghost Tell You to Do? Circle the Best Ending.

    1. When it is bedtime, you should

      go right to sleep.

      say your prayers first.

    2. When you are in church, you should

      sit quietly and think about Jesus.

      talk to your friends and make noise.

    3. If your little brother hits you, you should

      hit him back.

      forgive him.

    4. After your mother cooks a good dinner, you should

      help her do the dishes.

      hurry outside to play.

    5. When your father asks you to help in the garden, you should


      do it with a happy heart.

    How do we know when the Holy Ghost is with us? We have a warm feeling in our hearts and in our minds. We think of good things. We feel good. We help others.

    Color the Hearts That Are Feeling the Spirit of the Holy Ghost

    I feel happy

    I like to be bad

    I feel like praying

    I like to think about Jesus

    I want to play instead of going to church

    I don’t think about Jesus

    I feel angry

    I want to help others

    I want to go to church

    I like to be selfish

    I want to keep the commandments

    I feel mean

    I don’t want to pray


    I want to repent

    Used by permission of Deseret Book Company, Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Illustrated by Lori Anderson