Before Nephi died, he gave the plates to his younger brother Jacob. Jacob was a righteous man. Jacob 1:1–2, 8

Jacob writes things of God

Nephi told Jacob to write those things that would help the people believe in Jesus Christ. Jacob 1:4–6

Jacob teaches

Nephi gave Jacob the power to be a priest in the Church and to teach the word of God to the Nephites. Jacob 1:18–19

Nephites become wicked

After the death of Nephi, many of the Nephites became wicked. Jacob told the people what bad things they were doing and told them to repent. Jacob 1:12, 15–17

Sherem teaches wicked things

A wicked man named Sherem went among the Nephites and told them to not believe in Jesus Christ. Jacob 7:1–2

Many believe Sherem

Sherem taught the people that Jesus would not come and be our Savior. Sherem persuaded many of them to believe him. Jacob 7:3–4

Sherem argues with Jacob

Jacob taught the people to believe in Christ. Sherem wanted to argue with Jacob and try to convince him that there would be no Christ. Jacob 7:6

Jacob has faith

Jacob’s faith in Jesus Christ could not be shaken. He had seen angels and had heard the voice of the Lord. He knew that Jesus would come. Jacob 7:5

The Holy Ghost was with Jacob

The Holy Ghost was with Jacob. Jacob bore his testimony of Jesus Christ to Sherem. Jacob 7:8–12

Sherem wanted a sign

Sherem said, “Show me a sign.” He wanted Jacob to prove that there is a God. He wanted to see a miracle. Jacob 7:13

Jacob didn’t want to give a sign

Jacob said that he would not ask for a sign. He also said that Sherem already knew that there was a God. Jacob 7:14

If Sherem falls to the earth, that would be the sign

Jacob said that if God wanted to cause Sherem to fall to the ground, that would be Sherem’s sign from God. Jacob 7:14

Sherem fell to the ground

As soon as Jacob had spoken these words, Sherem fell to the ground. He could not get up for many days. Jacob 7:15

Sherem about to die

Sherem was weak, and he knew that he was going to die. He called the people together. Jacob 7:16

Sherem tells people to believe in Jesus

He told them that he had lied. He told them to believe in Jesus Christ. Jacob 7:17–19

Sherem died

After Sherem had talked to the people, he died. The people could feel God’s power, and they fell to the earth. Jacob 7:20–21

The people repent

Jacob was happy; he knew that God had answered his prayers. The people began to repent. They read the scriptures and lived in peace and love. Jacob 7:22–23

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson