When We’re Together

By Laura Misek

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    My family has always been very close, but I’ve come to realize it more and more in the last few years. With high school graduation and the possibility of moving away to college I have found myself thinking about what it is going to be like living without them nearby, and sometimes I feel like I never want to leave home.

    Our family does everything together. We talk, work in the garden, build things, and fix things together. When we go to the park, my parents don’t go one way and we another. We always stay together and enjoy each other’s company. My family shows that they care by their actions, and since we are always together, the bonds of love are strong. Because of this love and togetherness, I feel that my parents are the people that are the most responsible for helping me to be what I am. Everything I am I owe to my parents.

    My father is not a member of the Church, but he is a very special person. He is constantly working on something to improve the house or helping one of the family or a neighbor. My Dad always welcomes my sister and me when we want to help him with something he is making.

    My mother is very talented with cloth, needlework, and yarn. She has a lot of patience with me, even though I often jam the sewing machine or accidentally puncture my finger with the needle. Mom always has time for my sister and me. She always makes time to talk to us when we need to talk.

    My sister is the baby of the family. She is three years younger than I am, but she is a little taller. She always has a smile and is really a special person. We are very close. We shop, play and read together. One of my best friends is my sister.

    I always thank the Lord for my family in my prayers because they are so special to me. We help and support each other, but more important, we’re always together so we know we love each other. We’re not yet an eternal family, but someday I pray we will be so that we can be together forever.

    Illustrated by Paul Mann