Picture the Answer

By Julie Wardell

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    Draw and color picture(s) on the blanks to complete each sentence correctly.

    1. In their journey to the promised land, the Jaredites took their flocks, _______________ of the waters, and swarms of _______________ (Ether 2:1–3).

    2. The Lord came down in a _______________ to talk to the brother of Jared (Ether 2:4).

    3. The Lord told the brother of Jared to build _______________ that would be as watertight as a _______________ (Ether 2:16–17).

    4. The brother of Jared saw the _______________ of the Lord when He touched the sixteen stones (Ether 3:5–8).

    5. When the people were righteous, the promised land was rich with _______________, grain, fine cloth, precious metals, and many animals, including _______________ (Ether 9:16–19).

    6. When the people became unrighteous and would not repent, the Lord caused a famine and poisonous _______________ to be on the land (Ether 9:30–33).

    7. Ether was cast out by the people, and he hid in the cavity of a _______________ and wrote the Jaredite history (Ether 13:13–14).

    8. The army of Coriantumr pitched their _______________ by the _______________ Ramah, where Mormon hid the _______________ (Ether 15:11).


    Illustrated by Julie F. Young

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    • (1) fish, bees; (2) cloud; (3) barges, dish; (4) finger; (5) fruit, any animal mentioned; (6) serpents; (7) rock; (8) tents, hill, records (gold plates).