Living Examples

Thank you for the articles about the members of the Church in various countries around the world.

They are truly inspirational accounts of faith, service, and especially love: love for others, for their country, for the gospel, and especially love for our Savior.

As I read of brothers and sisters in other countries, I feel as though I have always known them, as though they are part of my family. What’s more, another feeling arises in me, and then I get emotional as I realize, “They know, as I do, that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true.”

I live in Brazil, I have always lived here, and will probably live here the rest of my life, but through the articles in A Liahona (Portuguese) I have the chance to “know” so many brothers and sisters around the world who are living examples of dedication to our Savior and to the Church.

Elson Carlos Ferreira
Boa Vista Ward
Joinville Stake


Since last year I have been the executive secretary and magazine representative of the Campo Alegre Ward, Caracas Venezuela Stake.

With special effort, the number of subscriptions in the ward to the Liahona (Spanish) has risen from 40 to 133.

I’m happy to be of service to my brothers and sisters in the ward by helping them receive messages from the First Presidency and the other general authorities.

Jesús N. Marvez Núñez
Caracas, Venezuela


I felt the need to express to you my gratitude for the counsel and guidance that we receive from the Liahona (Spanish). I enjoy reading the articles. One that I found very powerful was “Unrighteous Dominion in Marriage,” in the June 1990 issue (page 16). I believe it will be helpful to my family.

The Liahona is unique and honors its name, for it truly is a guide in this decadent world. It strengthens me; it encourages me. I love it and can’t leave an article unread.

It is interesting to read of the progress of the Church in those nations that have, until recent times, been closed to the gospel. It is also interesting to see the growth of the Church here in Mexico. I admire the leaders who send us messages at the time they are most needed. It seems every story comes from the heart.

I would like to see you publish more articles about missionary experiences; using the priesthood; how to find families; and what is expected of members who live long distances from meeting places, temples, and spiritual leaders.

Carlos W. García
Cancún, México