So Happy

When my daughter left me to serve a mission in Idaho, I felt so sad and alone. I prayed to my Father in Heaven for comfort and found the help and strength that I needed through reading the Liahona (Spanish). Now this beautiful magazine is with me no matter where I go. I am so happy!

Edna Liquidano
La Ciénega Ward
Los Angeles, California


The Liahona (Spanish) is truly an inspired magazine. I respect it as an important magazine, one which brings the true message of the gospel into our homes. The talks and articles published in the magazine teach principles that can help us not only in our daily lives, but in preparing for the eternities as well.

Thank you for making sure the Liahona arrives month after month in our homes.

Carmen María Tolentinoi
Curaçao Branch
Venezuela Caracas Mission

Valuable Illustrations

I am very grateful to be able to read the Liahona (Spanish) every month for the valuable material it contains for my personal, family, and Church use.

I am the Spiritual Living teacher in my ward, and frequently I use examples, stories or scriptural citations from the magazine. But I especially enjoy the beautiful illustrations—the photographs and paintings—that have great impact and are very helpful in teaching.

For this reason, and because I’m sure many other members use them the same way I do, I suggest that you include in the annual index a supplementary index of illustrations, by theme. It would be helpful to include the large illustrations that take up a full page, or sometimes two pages. Many times I have spent hours leafing through the issues, one by one, trying to find something I saw that was somewhere in them. An index would solve the problem.

My sincere gratitude to all those who work with the magazine.

Celsa Sánchez de Riquelme
Godoy Cruz Central Ward
Mendoza, Argentina

Editor: Thank you for your suggestion. The year-end index was already prepared when your letter was received. However, we will consider your suggestion for future years.

To Be Worthy

Within our family we have developed a great testimony of the gospel, and we know that the Book of Mormon is true. We wish that all of our brothers and sisters of the entire world would read it with real intent, so that they might know the true gospel of Christ and of the living God. I know that he loves us, that he is sad when we deviate from his paths, and that he is willing to give us another chance so that we can continue to improve. May we be worthy of these blessings!

Juan Ignacio Pulido Escobar
Villahermosa México Stake
Reforma Chiapas, México