Pen Pals

Thank you for the Liahona (Spanish). It is a guide in the lives of the Saints in Guatemala, as well as in all the world.

As a young Latter-day Saint, I would like to have many friends in all the world who have the same beliefs that I have and who, through their letters, could strengthen my testimony—and perhaps I could do the same for them. Because of this, I have thought that maybe through the Liahona and the other International Magazines of the Church, youth from different parts of the world could write and give personal data, such as name, age, address, telephone, and hobby.

In this way, many youth of the Church who need or want to have more friends could do so, communicating by letter or telephone.

Ana Rodriquez
Modelo Ward
Escuintla Stake

Editorial note: We sympathize with the many requests we receive regarding the desire for pen pals. However, the guidelines that govern the International Magazines of the Church state: “Lists of pen pals or others seeking correspondence are not to be published.” This policy was adopted to protect our readers from the negative responses that could result from listing members’ names and addresses.

Great Treasure

My wife and I wanted to hold family home evening in order to get to know each other better, to learn more about the pure gospel of Jesus Christ, and to learn more about the General Authorities. We found a great treasure of knowledge in the Liahona (Spanish) that helped fulfill those goals. It is like receiving spiritual food every month.

We hope that all our brothers and sisters will subscribe to this important magazine. We feel in our hearts that it is a complement to the Book of Mormon, the Holy Bible, the Doctrine and Covenants, and other Church books. We are grateful to the General Authorities for their beautiful messages, and to the brothers and sisters who contribute articles and stories that strengthen our faith.

Carlos A. Rocha and Ana Cecilia de Rocha
11th Ward, El Molina Stake

So Well in Tune

I’d like to congratulate you on the November 1990 issue. It was great! I have never seen a magazine before that was so in tune with the gospel. The messages seemed to be written especially for me.

The article “Tips for Talks” has become a valuable addition to my files.

Ana Claudia da Silva (18)
Satelite Ward
São José dos Campos Stake
São Paulo, Brazil