Are you a good friend, brother, sister, son, or daughter? Just about everyone would like to be. Here’s a little test to help you find out just how good you really are. Indicate with a yes or a no whether each statement applies to you.

  1. You try to be aware of other people’s feelings. You don’t intentionally bring up subjects that will hurt or embarrass them.

  2. You can really keep a secret. You don’t use information to put others down in public.

  3. You always do what you say you’ll do. You keep your promises to your friends and family, you pay an honest tithe, and you’re usually on time.

  4. You don’t take credit for other people’s accomplishments. You compliment other people in public when they’ve achieved something or done a favor for you.

  5. You analyze your actions after an argument with someone. When you are the one in the wrong, you admit it and apologize.

  6. You don’t take things to the extreme when you’re really angry. For example, you don’t reject a friend completely when you have a fight, you don’t tell your parents you’re going to run away whenever you disagree, and when you argue with your brothers or sisters, you don’t tell them you hate them.

  7. You don’t get angry when someone else makes a mistake. You try to understand and be patient with the shortcomings of others.

  8. You don’t consider yourself to be the ultimate authority. You willingly and openly go to others for help and advice, and you frequently check with Heavenly Father through prayer.

Now add up your yeses.

If you have seven or eight, good job! You’re generally considerate of others, and they probably like to have you around.

If you have five or six, you do well, but you might need a little work in the areas you answered no to.

If you have fewer than five, don’t give up on yourself. You can develop these positive traits if you consciously work toward them and seek the Lord’s help.

Photography by Philip S. Shurtleff