Alma wrote

Alma escaped from wicked King Noah’s servants and hid for many days. While he was hiding, he wrote down the words of Abinadi. Mosiah 17:2–4


Alma repented of his sins and went about secretly teaching Abinadi’s words. Alma told the people to have faith in Jesus Christ and to repent. Mosiah 18:1, 7

Waters of Mormon

In the daytime, Alma hid in a thicket of trees by a pool of water called the Waters of Mormon. Mosiah 18:4–5

Alma baptized many

Those who believed Alma’s teachings came to the Waters of Mormon to be baptized. Alma baptized 204 people into the Church of Christ. Mosiah 18:8–11, 16–17

Alma taught

Alma ordained priests to teach the people. He told them to teach repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Alma said that the priests must work to support themselves. Mosiah 18:18, 20, 24

Alma’s people

Alma’s people loved and served one another. They were grateful to have learned about Jesus Christ, their Redeemer. Mosiah 18:29–30

Alma taught

King Noah’s servants secretly watched Alma teaching his people. The king said that Alma was turning the people against him, so he sent an army to kill them. Mosiah 18:32–33

Alma’s people fled

God wanted Alma that King Noah’s army was coming. The people gathered their families, flocks, and other belongings and fled into the wilderness. Mosiah 18:34; 23:1

in the wilderness

God gave Alma and his people strength so that they could escape. King Noah’s army searched but could not find them. Mosiah 19:1; 23:2

Alma’s people

After eight days of traveling in the wilderness, Alma’s people came to a beautiful land of pure water. They planted crops and built buildings. Mosiah 23:3–5


The people wanted Alma to be their king, but Alma told them that God did not want them to have a king. God wanted them to be free. Mosiah 23:6–7, 13

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson