Better Family Life

Congratulations on the A Liahona (Portuguese) magazine.

The articles each month help me to have a better home life and to improve the quality of my service in the Church.

I hope the magazine may continue to be an influence for good in the lives of many people.

Rosilda María de Souza Juventino
São Bernardo Third Ward
São Bernardo Brazil Stake

Strengthen Testimony

I enjoy reading Der Stern (German). It helps strengthen my testimony, and I eagerly look forward to each issue. I particularly enjoy reading the messages from the First Presidency and learning about the Church’s missionary efforts to spread the gospel.

I would enjoy reading more articles about the priesthood and also missionary work.

Karl-Werner Bartosch
Nuremberg Ward
Munich Germany Stake


I can’t thank you enough for the timely, relevant, and faith-promoting stories in the Tambuli, the Church magazine that we receive here in the Philippines. The articles help me improve my relationships with my family, my neighbors, and, especially, with my Father in Heaven.

Each time I read the magazine, my burdens are made easier, my faith is strengthened, and I am assured that, despite my shortcomings, God really listens to my prayers.

My two-year-old son has developed an interest in the children’s section of the magazine, and I can almost feel how thrilled he is as we read through the children’s articles together. Reading the magazine together has helped bind our family closer and fortified us against worldly pressure.

Leanell M. Sumagpao
San Pedro Ward
Las Pinas Stake

Eagerly Awaited

I want you to know what a blessing L’Etoile (French) is to me. For two years I have been reading the magazine, and each month my heart, spirit, and faith have been touched by the articles it contains. L’Etoile makes me better appreciate how much the Lord loves and helps us.

In my little ward in Tontouta, the distribution of the magazine is an eagerly awaited and privileged moment. On the Sunday following receipt of the magazine, ward members discuss the articles they have read. Everyone tells of how a particular article touched their lives and helped their testimony.

Through the pages of the magazine, millions of Latter-day Saint families are united as we learn of Church members in other parts of the world. Their experiences and faith help us realize how each of us, in our own way, can be of service to our neighbors.

For example, encouraged by our Church leaders to participate in worthwhile community endeavors, some of us serve in the schools our children attend. We know we can succeed in our efforts if we put God first in our lives and live worthy of the companionship of the Spirit.

Yvanna Le Pironnee
Tontouta, New Caledonia