Writing Letters Can Be Fun!

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    Do you have grandparents or friends who live far away? Do you know someone who is serving on a mission? Wouldn’t they enjoy receiving a letter from you and hearing about the things you have been doing? Writing letters is a wonderful way to let special people know that you care about them.

    Here are some suggestions to make writing letters easier and more fun:

    1. Ask your parents to help you with ideas of things to write and whom to write to.

    2. Send a photograph of yourself if you have one. This will help people remember you and what you were like when you wrote the letters.

    3. Send one of your favorite coloring pages or drawings with a letter to someone special.

    4. Be creative. Try cutting letters and pictures from old magazines and pasting them on paper to form your messages, or write it in code. Instead of writing in the traditional way, try printing letters backward, from top to bottom, or in a spiral. You might even try cutting up the finished letter into pieces to make a puzzle.

    5. Ask questions that will encourage the person to write back. It is just as much fun to receive a letter as it is to write one.

    6. Start now. Sit down as soon as possible and write a letter to someone. You will feel good and so will they—as soon as they receive it.

    7. Make writing letters a habit. Write to one person a week, or whatever goal you want to set. Everyone loves to get mail.

    Illustrated by Julie Young