Go to the Right Lane

By Victor Miguel Bottari

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    It was a rainy day in March 1988. I was taking my car to the mechanic because the hazard and blinker lights did not work. As I drove toward the highway, I felt a strong impression that I should move into the right lane for slower traffic. But when I reached the road, I somehow ended up in the left lane—the one for faster traffic.

    I was traveling at about seventy kilometers per hour when I rounded a curve in the road and saw a car stopped ahead of me in my lane.

    Many thoughts flashed through my mind. I thought about switching on my right blinker to signal to the traffic behind me that I wanted to change lanes, but the blinker didn’t work. I thought about braking and turning to the right, but a truck was traveling parallel to my car. And to my left was a long, muddy shoulder.

    Not knowing what else to do, I stepped on the brakes. Despite the wet, slippery road, my car stopped a few meters behind the car in my lane.

    As I got out into the rain and signaled to the other cars and trucks that came around the curve, I thanked Heavenly Father that I was safe. I also asked his forgiveness for not listening to the warning he had sent to me.

    I had been taught a lesson on listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost that I will never forget.

    Illustrated by Larry Winborg