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November 1992


First Presidency Message

Salvation—A Family Affair
By President Ezra Taft Benson
“She’s Lovely, But …” By Dorothy Levie Nielsen
Learning the Ropes By Mark Jacobs
No Place for Pride By C. Richard Chidester
The Little Golden Bean By Félix Alberto Martínez Decuir

Visiting Teaching Message:

Savoring the Seasons of Life
Questions and Answers
Inosi’s Book By Shirleen Meek Saunders
Sculpture: Second International Art Competition By Glen M. Leonard
Geneva—Unity and Diversity By Petrea Kelly
Heber J. Grant By Kellene Ricks
Friend to Friend From an interview with Elder Helvécio Martins of the Seventy; by Janet Peterson
Fun Page By D. A. Stone

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Reverence for Heavenly Father’s Creations
By Virginia Pearce
Double Lesson By Shirley G. Finlinson

Making Friends:

Raúl Aquino Gonzales of Piquete Cué, Paraguay
By Marvin K. Gardner