Christmas Workshop:

By Jane K. Priewe

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    Yarn Keeper

    If you have friends who like to knit or crochet, give them holders to keep their yarn clean and untangled. For thick yarn rolled into balls, you’ll need a large, empty container with a lid for your holder. A skein of thinner yarn will fit perfectly inside a smaller container, such as a tennis ball can. Poke a hole in the lid large enough to easily pull the yarn through. Cover the container with paint, wrapping paper, or colored felt. You can use pieces of ribbon, buttons, beads, or bits of colored paper for the finishing trim.


    To make this bookmark for someone special, you will need: lightweight cardboard, scissors, paper punch, and two different colors of heavy yarn.

    1. Mount pattern on cardboard and cut out.

    2. Punch holes where indicated.

    3. Cut five lengths of yarn (three of one color, two of the other) as long as this page is from top to bottom.

    4. Fold yarn in middle, then thread each piece through holes, as shown.

    5. Cut off folded ends so that all ends are even.

    Illustrated by Beth M. Whittaker