Alma’s Mission to Ammonihah

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    Nephihah the chief judge

    Alma was upset at the wickedness of the Nephites. He decided to spend his full time preaching the gospel. He chose Nephihah to be chief judge in his place. Alma 4:6–7, 16–19

    Alma taught the gospel

    Alma taught the gospel throughout the land. When he preached in the city of Ammonihah, the people would not listen. They threw him out of the city. Alma 5:1; Alma 8:8–9, 11, 13

    People in Ammonihah wicked

    Alma left to go to another city. He was sad because of the great wickedness of the people of Ammonihah. Alma 8:14

    Alma goes back to Ammoniha

    An angel appeared and blessed him for his faithfulness. He told Alma to go back to Ammonihah and preach repentance again. Alma hurried back. Alma 8:14–16, 18

    Alma asked a man for food

    Alma was hungry. As he entered the city, he asked a man for food. The man said that an angel had told him that Alma would come and that Alma was a prophet of God. Alma 8:19–20

    Amulek takes Alma home

    This man, Amulek, took Alma to his home and gave him food. Alma stayed with Amulek and his family for many days. He thanked God for Amulek’s family and blessed them. Alma 8:21–22, 27

    Amulek goes with Alma

    Alma told Amulek about his mission to Ammonihah. Amulek went with Alma to tell the people of the city to repent. The Holy Ghost helped them. Alma 8:23–32

    Alma tells the people to repent

    Alma told the people to repent, or God would destroy them. He said that Jesus Christ would come and redeem those who have faith in him and repent. Alma 9:1–2, 7–8, 12, 16, 26–27

    The people were angry

    The people of Ammonihah were angry. They tried to throw Alma into prison, but the Lord protected him. Alma 9:31–33

    Amulek teaches the people

    Amulek stepped forth. He was not a stranger, as Alma was. Many of the people knew him. He told them about the angel he had seen. Alma 9:34; Alma 10:4, 7–8

    He tells them Alma is a prophet

    Amulek told the people that Alma was a prophet of God, that Alma’s words were true. The people were surprised to hear Amulek’s testimony. Alma 10:9–12

    The wicked try to trick Amulek

    The wicked men were angry and tried to trick Amulek with questions, but Amulek told them that he knew about their evil plan. Alma 10:13–18

    Zeezrom was wicked

    One of the wicked men was named Zeezrom. He told Amulek that he would give him six pieces of silver to say that there is no God. Alma 10:31; Alma 11:21–22

    Amulek withstands Zeezrom

    Amulek knew that there was a God and said that Zeezrom also knew it. Amulek said that Zeezrom loved money more than God. Alma 11:23–24

    Amulek tells about Jesus

    Amulek told Zeezrom about Jesus Christ and about the Resurrection and eternal life. The people were amazed. Zeezrom began to shake with fear. Alma 11:32–37, 43–44, 46

    Alma and Amulek have power of God

    Zeezrom saw that Alma and Amulek had the power of God, because they knew what he was thinking. Zeezrom listened as Alma taught him the gospel. Alma 12:1, 7–9

    Many believe

    Many of the people believed Alma and Amulek. They began to repent and to study the scriptures. Alma 14:1

    Others wanted to kill Alma and Amulek

    But most of the people wanted to kill Alma and Amulek. Instead, they tied up the two men and took them before the chief judge. Alma 14:2–4

    Zeezrom begged the people to spare Alma and Amulek

    Zeezrom was sorry that he had been wicked and had taught the people to do wrong. He begged the people to let Alma and Amulek go free. Alma 14:6–7

    Believers thrown out of the city

    Zeezrom and the other men who had repented were thrown out of the city. The wicked people sent men to throw rocks at them. Alma 14:7

    Righteous women and children thrown into a fire

    The wicked people then threw the wives and children who believed the word of God into a fire. They also threw their scriptures into the fire. Alma 14:8

    Alma and Amulek forced to watch

    Alma and Amulek were forced to watch the women and children die in the fire. Amulek wanted to use the power of God to save them. Alma 14:9–10

    The dying people would be with God

    But the Holy Ghost told Alma not to stop the killing, that the dying people would be with God, and that the wicked would be punished. Alma 14:11

    Alma and Amulek thrown into jail

    The chief judge slapped Alma and Amulek several times and had his officers throw them into prison. Alma 14:14–17

    They were mistreated

    Other evil men came to the prison and abused them in many ways. They would not give Alma and Amulek enough food or water. Alma 14:18–22

    They were challenged to use the power of God

    The chief judge said that they would believe Alma and Amulek if they used the power of God to free themselves. Then he slapped them again. Alma 14:24

    Alma prayed

    Alma and Amulek stood up. Alma prayed and asked the Lord to make them strong because of their faith in Christ. Alma 14:25

    Power of God filled Alma

    The power of God filled Alma and Amulek. They broke the ropes that bound them. Alma 14:25–26

    The evil men were afraid

    The evil men were afraid. They started to run but fell to the ground. The earth shook and the prison walls fell, killing the wicked men. Alma 14:27

    The Lord protected Alma and Amulek

    The Lord protected Alma and Amulek. They walked out of the prison and into the city. The people there were afraid and ran from them. Alma 14:28–29

    Zeezrom was sick

    Alma and Amulek then went to the land of Sidom, where they found the people of Ammonihah who had repented. Zeezrom was there and was very sick. Alma 15:1–3

    Zeezrom was glad Alma and Amulek not dead

    Zeezrom was glad that Alma and Amulek were alive. He’d thought that they had been killed because of what he had done. He asked them to heal him. Alma 15:4–5

    Zeezrom healed

    Zeezrom believed in Jesus Christ and had repented of his sins. When Alma prayed for him, Zeezrom was immediately healed. Alma 15:6–11

    and baptized

    Zeezrom was baptized and began to preach the gospel. Many others were also baptized. Alma 15:12–14

    Ammonihah destroyed

    The wicked people who stayed in Ammonihah were all destroyed by a Lamanite army, as Alma had prophesied. Alma 16:2, 9

    Illustrated by Jerry Thompson