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February 1993


First Presidency Message

The Paths Jesus Walked
By President Thomas S. Monson
Picture-Book Testimony By Maly Souvanthong
Brigham Young and Social Responsibility By Arthur R. Bassett
Family Album

Visiting Teaching Message:

Seeking the Lord Daily
Hidden Agony By Lisa A. Johnson
On Sacred Ground By Gregory Encina Billikopf
Fiji: Islands of Faith By Shirleen Meek Saunders
Pornchai Juntratip: Spiritually Prepared By David Mitchell
Your Partner’s Happiness By Melvin L. Prueitt
Alma’s Mission to Ammonihah
Fun Page By Marianne Frost Bates

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: A Temple Is the House of the Lord
By Judy Edwards
The Safe and Sure Way By Vickie Anderson and Loralee Wilkey
Friend to Friend From an interview with Elder L. Lionel Kendrick of the Seventy, by Janet Peterson