Fun Page

By Ann Laemmlen Lewis and Jackie Owen

Match the Scriptures

Used by permission of Deseret Book Company

Here is a list of some of the books found in the scriptures. On the line next to each book, write OT if the book is found in the Old Testament. Write NT if the book is found in the New Testament. Write BM if the book is found in the Book of Mormon.

______ Alma

______ Esther

______ Jude

______ 1 Peter

______ Words of Mormon

______ 2 Nephi

______ Enos

______ Luke

______ Habakkuk

______ Genesis

______ Omni

______ Psalms

______ Mark

______ Jonah

______ Numbers

______ Revelation

______ Ruth

______ Jacob

______ Amos

______ Acts

______ Titus

______ Mosiah

______ 2 Thessalonians

______ Helaman


OT: Genesis, Amos, Esther, Jonah, Ruth, Habakkuk, Psalms, Numbers. NT: 1 Peter, Mark, Revelation, Luke, Acts, 2 Thessalonians, Jude, Titus. BM: Alma, Enos, Mosiah, Words of Mormon, Omni, 2 Nephi, Jacob, Helaman.

Clock Challenge

Draw five straight lines across the face of the clock to divide it into six pairs of hours whose sums equal each other.

Clock challenge


Each of the following equals 13: 12+1; 11+2; 10+3; 9+4; 8+5; 7+6.