David O. McKay

By Kellene Ricks Adams

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    David O. McKay
    1. David Oman McKay’s parents taught him at a very young age that he was a child of God and that his Heavenly Father loved him. They also taught him that he could always talk to his Heavenly Father.

    2. In addition to having his own daily prayers, David knelt in daily prayer with his family.

      David O. McKay
    3. One dark night there was a terrible thunderstorm. David was in bed, and he became very frightened. He knew that if he prayed, he would feel better, but he was afraid to get out of bed and kneel in prayer.

    4. Finally, he gathered enough courage to kneel on the cold floor and pray for protection for himself and his family. As he was praying, David heard a voice say, “Don’t be afraid; nothing will hurt you.”

    5. When he had finished praying, he was able to sleep because he knew that Heavenly Father would protect him and his family.

    6. Many years later David O. McKay became the ninth President of the Church, and his strong testimony of the power of prayer was a good example for all the world.

    Illustrated by Paul Mann