Book of Mormon Tools

The Book of Mormon offers you just the right tools to fix almost anything. Here’s a handy guide to help you know where to look.

When Douglas Holt of Tucson, Arizona, was asked to speak to a Young Women’s group about applying the scriptures in their lives, he asked his eighteen-year-old daughter, Marianne, what helped her. They sat down with the family during a home evening and came up with this list from the Book of Mormon:


You are sad about your sins and mistakes, 2 Ne. 4:17–35.

You want to know why there is so much opposition in your life, 2 Ne. 2.

Your faith is tried, Alma 32:21–43; Mosiah 24:13–14, 21.

You feel that God has abandoned you, Alma 36:27; Mosiah 4:9, Mosiah 7:33.

You feel inadequate, Alma 37:6–7.

You don’t feel like praying, 2 Ne. 32:8–9.

You’re depressed, Alma 26:27.

You’re overwhelmed by your weaknesses, Ether 12:27–29.

You need your batteries recharged, Mosiah 4:27.

If you—

Need guidance, 2 Ne. 32:3.

Are tempted to do wrong, 2 Ne. 28:21–23.

Lose patience while waiting for an answer, 2 Ne. 28:30.

Are tired of being an example, Alma 17:11.

Feel like sinning now and repenting later, Alma 34:32–34.

Are following the crowd, 2 Ne. 28:7–11.

Need forgiveness, Enos 1:1.

Lust, Mosiah 3:19.

Don’t know what to pray for, Alma 34:17–28; Alma 37:36–37; Alma 38:14.

When you want to know what to do—

After baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost, 2 Ne. 31:18–20.

When surrounded by darkness, Mosiah 16:9.

With contention, 3 Ne. 11:29–30; Mosiah 18:21.

When you fear death, Alma 40.

To come to Christ, Omni 1:26; Moro. 10:32–33.

To find—

The Psalm of Nephi, 2 Ne. 4:17–35.

Alma’s conversion, Alma 36.

Why Christ needed to die, Alma 34:8–16.

The account of Christ with the little children, 3 Ne. 17.

Lehi’s dream, 1 Ne. 8.

King Benjamin’s address, Mosiah 3–5.

Moroni’s promise, Moro. 10:3–5.

Sacrament prayers, Moro. 4, 5.

The Beatitudes, 3 Ne. 12:12–24.

To learn how to—

Be born again, Mosiah 5; Mosiah 27:24–25.

Have faith, Alma 32.

Judge between good and evil, Moro. 7:5–28.

Learn from others’ mistakes, Morm. 9:31.

Survive the adversary’s attacks, Hel. 5:12.

Deal with apostates, Alma 24:30.

To find out why we should—

Listen to the Spirit, Jacob 4:13.

Rejoice in Christ, Alma 26:11–16.

Bear affliction, Jacob 6.

Developing Talents

Interesting Tales of the Obvious, Teen Ghost, and the Life of a Twelve-year-old haven’t exactly made it on a best-seller list. In fact, the author has only one publication pending—in the school literary magazine.

But that hasn’t stopped would-be book writer Carolyn Jess, 14, from sending her manuscripts to “heaps and heaps of publishers.”

“It’s helped me to bring out my talents and to encourage other people to write,” Carolyn, a member of the Holywood Road Ward, Belfast Northern Ireland Stake, says. She also writes poetry and creates illustrations to accompany her work.

Her favorite story is set in Belfast and New York and includes some LDS characters.

The Gang’s All Here

In most places, it’s unusual to have 100 percent attendance every day at early-morning seminary. But not in the Alcala De Henares Branch, Spain Madrid Mission. All twelve students generally show up five days a week to take classes from their stake president/seminary teacher. Here’s a look at the entire class, with seminary vice-president Isabel Quiles and president Roberto Heita in front.

Fun in Finland

What do you do for fun in Finland? If you’re like twelve-year-old Laura Alakoski, you’d probably bake, ski, read, sew, or play music.

At home, Laura makes cakes, cookies, and elaborate gingerbread houses. She also knits, crochets, and makes clothes from her own patterns. She’s involved in downhill and cross-country skiing, biking, and ice skating.

Musically, she loves playing piano and was called to be the Primary pianist at age 11. Now she accompanies her ward during sacrament meeting. There aren’t many LDS young people around, but Laura is good at making friends everywhere.

Performance Plus

All that performing at stake conference and seminary graduations paid off for Carolyn Rickford of the Solihull Ward, Birmingham England Stake. It gave her the self-confidence to earn a spot at the Coventry Centre for Performing Arts, a very prestigious school. Carolyn plays the flute and the piano. Congratulations!