Magnificent Example

It is a great blessing to belong to the Church and to have the established programs to benefit our spiritual growth. I feel that besides being a guide, the Liahona (Spanish) is the means by which we unite ourselves in thoughts and feelings with Latter-day Saints around the world.

The love of our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ is felt in each experience I read in the magazine. My family was particularly touched by the article, “Cécile Pelous: Love and Friendship in India” (March 1992). What a magnificent example of service for us all. Thank you for sharing her story with us.

Ayala Ramírez
Gavidia Ward, San Miguel El Salvador Stake

Great Help in Troubled Times

In the past, I did not always like to read the Church magazines. But I have developed a habit of reading O Le Liahona (Samoan), and I enjoy it very much.

There is much to learn in the messages of the First Presidency and the other Brethren. As a young person, I find their counsel of great help in these troubled times.

I like reading articles dealing with the history of the Church, especially those that tell of the Saints in the Pacific.

In all, O Le Liahona is of great value in my life.

Suisami Luatua
Alema Ward, Manureva Auckland Stake
New Zealand

Joy and Gratitude

I want to express my great joy and gratitude for Nordstjärnan (Swedish). I think it is a marvelous magazine. I look forward each month to the articles, the beautiful illustrations and color photography, the children’s section, and the covers.

I consider Nordstjärnan to be like continuous scripture coming to me month after month. I have had copies of the magazine bound from 1951 through 1973. And since then, I’ve kept the issues in special files.

The magazine is a great missionary tool, too. I often have a couple of copies with me when I go on a trip, so I can share them with friends and other travelers.

Thank you for a fine publication.

Gunnar Nilsson
Jönköping Ward, Göteborg Sweden Stake

A Pleasure to Read

It is a pleasure for me to read the Liahona (Spanish). I have received many blessings from reading the First Presidency Message and the testimonies of other Saints. As I read of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ at work in people’s lives, my heart is filled with faith and hope.

To me and my family, the magazine is a perfect complement to the Book of Mormon and the other scriptures.

Aida Pomoles
Guayama, Puerto Rico