Who Am I?

Who are these Old Testament people?

1. ________________________________

a. My father was very old when I was born.

b. My brothers hated me because I was a favorite son.

c. I became an important man in a land not of my birth.

d. I forgave my brothers for the hate they bore me.

2. ________________________________

a. I, a Moabitess, married a Bethlehemite.

b. I loved my mother-in-law and chose to stay with her after the death of my husband.

c. My new husband was a good-hearted farmer.

d. I am the great-grandmother of King David.

3. ________________________________

a. There is a book about me in the Old Testament.

b. Satan was jealous of me and tried to turn me away from God.

c. I suffered many afflictions and lost my children and possessions.

d. God delivered me and blessed me for my faith in him.

4. ________________________________

a. As a lad I slew a giant whom most men feared.

b. I was an accomplished musician.

c. The king’s son was a very good friend of mine.

d. One of my sons was considered a very wise man.

5. ________________________________

a. When I was alive, the world was very wicked.

b. God asked me to do a very difficult task for him.

c. I lived through a terrible, long storm.

d. An olive leaf was a sign that my family and I could leave the unusual home that I had built.


(1) Joseph—see Gen. 37, 39–45; (2) Ruth—see Ruth 1–4; (3) Job—see Job 1–2, 12, 19, 42; (4) David—see 1 Sam. 16–17, 20, 1 Kgs. 3–4; (5) Noah—see Gen. 6–8.