Even the Pictures Testify

I’m serving with my husband in Estonia as the first Finnish missionary couple here. When we visit and teach the Estonian members of the Church, we must sometimes travel long distances in the bus. Often I take the Finnish Valkeus magazine with me to read. At times, it has also had a few articles in Estonian in the local pages.

I’m especially grateful for the April 1993 issue, which has many beautiful pictures of Christ. I was looking through the issue one day on the bus when a middle-aged woman sat next to me. Seeing the pictures of Christ, she asked me where she could buy a magazine like that, since local magazines are not so beautifully illustrated. I had the opportunity to tell her about the Church.

While looking at the pictures, she said, “We Estonians need magazines like this.” I then found an article in Estonian by Marina Saarikki that discussed priesthood authority and started to read it out loud to her. In the middle of the reading, my fellow passenger said, “It is true.” We rejoiced in the presence of the Holy Ghost, and I invited her to attend our meetings.

Sister Mirja Silvennoinen
Tallinn, Estonia

Sharing the Magazines

Ever since my baptism the Liahona (Spanish) has always been a source of inspiration for me. I was therefore angry when my father began to give the magazines to his friends at work. I wanted to keep them to use in the future.

My attitude changed completely when one day someone called at the door looking for my father. He said that my father had given him a few Liahonas and that he had talked to him about the gospel, but now my father no longer worked where he worked. This brother had read and reread the Liahonas and had pondered what they contained. Days later, when the missionaries knocked on his door, Heavenly Father had prepared him to recognize the truth and make covenants with the Lord. He immediately sought out my father to thank him for sharing the magazines.

Since that experience, I understand better that the Lord uses every means to bring the truth to those who are ready to serve Him.

Giesi Romeo Aquirre Dávila
Mexquital, Guatemala

From Mainland China

I am an atheist who recently came to Saipan from mainland China. One day I unexpectedly found a copy of Sheng Tu Chi Sheng, the Chinese International Magazine. Out of curiosity, I read through the magazine and was deeply touched by its contents. It gave me courage to live, strength to face difficulties, and curiosity about the Mormon Church and God. I hope to gain more knowledge about religion, because until now I could not believe that an almighty God exists in this world.

I came to Saipan by myself, and I have often felt lonely and lost. It was this magazine that gave me the courage to overcome these feelings. I give my sincere wish that the International Magazines will continue to be successful.

Li, Rei-ming