Sharing Time:

“Keep the Commandments”

By Judy Edwards

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    “Blessed is he that keepeth my commandments” (D&C 58:2).

    Keep the commandments; keep the commandments!

    In this there is safety; in this there is peace.

    He will send blessings; He will send blessings.

    Words of a prophet: Keep the commandments.

    In this there is safety and peace.

    (Children’s Songbook, page 146; Hymns, number 303)

    In July 1972 Harold B. Lee became the eleventh President of the Church. One hour after the announcement was made, he met with newspaper and television reporters. One of them asked him if he had a message for Church members.

    President Lee said: “The safety of the Church lies in the members keeping the commandments. There is nothing more important that I could say. As they keep the commandments, blessings will come.”

    Barbara A. McConochie, a Church member, was so impressed with his words that she wrote the song “Keep the Commandments” (above) for Primary children. Its words tell us of two blessings that come from keeping the commandments: “In this there is safety and peace.”

    Sister McConochie says, “Keeping the commandments is the anchor for our safety amidst the storm. True peace will come to each individual, family, and nation only as we learn obedience to the laws of our Heavenly Father.”

    An anchor is a heavy object that sailors use aboard ships on the ocean. They lower the anchor on a chain to the ocean floor, and it keeps the ship from drifting. Even in storms, when the ship is being buffeted by waves and wind, the anchor keeps the ship where it should be.

    We are like sailors lowering anchors when we use the commandments to keep ourselves safe. Commandments, like anchors, help keep us secure and in the right place. Even when we feel tossed about by temptations or by the unkind words or actions of others, the commandments can help us stay steady and safe. As we keep the commandments, we know in our hearts that we are doing what is right and that eventually good will come. In this there is safety and peace.


    Color the picture of each commandment you keep. In the empty “bubbles,” draw, color, and label additional pictures of commandments you keep (pray every day, go to church, pay tithing, love my neighbor, follow the prophet, keep the word of wisdom, forgive others, and so forth).

    Coloring page

    Illustrated by Julie Young

    Sharing Time Ideas

    1. Provide duplicates of page 9, have children draw at least one picture in an empty bubble, then discuss how the additional commandments they have chosen to draw help them have peace. Have them add their fully colored picture to their Book of Peace. (See Sharing Time, Idea #3, Tambulilit, February 1994, page 10.)

    2. Compare keeping the commandments to obeying traffic signals. Make some signals out of paper, or ask a leader to act the part of a policeman directing traffic. Divide the children into groups and have them move around the room according to the signals given them. Point out that when they obey the signals, there are no collisions. Likewise, when they keep the commandments, they have safety and peace.

    3. Invite a child or an adult to share an experience of being blessed with peace as a result of keeping one or more commandments.

    4. Have the children each create a “Keep the Commandments” paper chain to be hung in her or his home. A new link could be added each time a commandment is kept. Links could be labeled with pictures for younger children, scripture references for older ones.