Alma talks with his sons

Alma was unhappy because of the wickedness of the Nephites. He talked to each of his sons about living righteously. Alma 35:15–16

He tells Helaman to trust God

Telling his oldest son, Helaman, to trust in God, Alma told about when he had tried to destroy the church and God had sent an angel to stop him. Alma 36:3, 6

Alma tells about his conversion

For three days, Alma had suffered because of his guilt. Then, remembering his father’s teachings about Jesus Christ, he knew that he could be forgiven. Alma 36:16–17

He prayed for forgiveness

Alma prayed for forgiveness, and joy replaced the pain in his soul. He had been forgiven because of his faith in Jesus Christ, and his repentance. Alma 36:18–20

Since then Alma has taught others the gospel

Since that time, Alma had taught others the gospel so that they might feel the joy he felt. Because of his trust in God, God had blessed him. Alma 36:24, 27

Helaman gets sacred records

Then Alma gave his son Helaman the sacred records on metal plates and told him to continue writing the history of their people. Alma 37:1–2

Keep the commandments

Alma told Helaman that if he kept the commandments, God would bless him and help him protect the records. Alma 37:13, 16, 35

Pray morning and night

Helaman was also told to pray morning and night, to “counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good.” Alma 37:36–37

Alma happy with Shiblon

Alma was happy with his son Shiblon, who had been a brave missionary to the Zoramites. Shiblon had remained faithful even when they stoned him. Alma 38:3–5

We are saved through Jesus

Reminding Shiblon that the only way to be saved is through Jesus Christ, Alma encouraged him to continue teaching the gospel. Alma 38:6–10

Corianton had not kept the commandments

Alma’s son Corianton had not kept the commandments, and he had not been a faithful missionary while teaching the Zoramites. Alma 39:1–3

He set a bad example for the Zoramites

The Zoramites would not believe Alma’s teachings because of the things Corianton did. Alma 39:11

We can’t hide our sins from God

Alma told Corianton that no one can hide his sins from God, that Corianton needed to repent. Alma 39:8–9

Everyone will be resurrected

Alma taught his son that everyone will be resurrected. The righteous will live with God, but the wicked will be cast out. Alma 40:1, 9–10, 25–26

We must repent

Now is the time for people to repent and to serve God, Alma said. Alma 42:4

Corianton to teach the Zoramites

Reminding Corianton that he had been called to be a missionary, Alma told him to return to the Zoramites and preach repentance. Alma 42:31

Alma and his sons have priesthood power

Alma and his sons continued to teach the gospel to the people. They preached by the power of the priesthood. Alma 43:1–2

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson