An Important Guide

I have read each issue of A Liahona (Portuguese) since I was baptized in December 1965. I consider the magazine to be an important spiritual guide for Latter-day Saint families.

I especially like reading about our brothers and sisters in the gospel in all parts of the world.

I am grateful for all those who contribute to the magazine. I know that reading it has helped me grow spiritually and become a much better person.

João Guarnirri
São Paulo, Brazil

Very Beautiful Messages

I first had contact with the missionaries in 1992. From their first discussion, I felt something special in my heart. As the discussions progressed, I learned of gospel principles that I never knew existed. The first time I attended a Church meeting, I was warmly greeted by the members as though they had always known me.

I was the first member of my family to be baptized. Now my two sisters are also members, and my father is reading the Book of Mormon.

For some months now, I have been receiving the Liahona (Spanish), and I am very pleased with its contents.

In the February 1993 issue, President Thomas S. Monson wrote “The Paths Jesus Walked.” It was a very beautiful First Presidency Message. I was touched deeply by his counsel: “In a very real sense, all can walk where Jesus walked when, with His words on our lips, His spirit in our hearts, and His teachings in our lives, we journey through mortality.”

The magazine contains messages that teach so much. The articles about the Saints, and their testimonies, not only help me, but they can also help others who are not yet members of the Church.

Wanda Rivera
Isabela Branch, Mayaguez Puerto Rico Stake

Spiritually Fortifying

L‘Etoile (French) is a magazine I appreciate very much.

I like to read the First Presidency Messages, and I enjoy reading the experiences of Latter-day Saints all over the world.

The magazine fortifies me spiritually every month. I look forward to each issue.

Thank you for your work.

Léonard Heo-Moun
Hitiaa Ward, Paea Tahiti Stake