Shipboard Companion

As a marine engineer serving on a cargo ship, I am away from my family and my home ward in the Philippines a great deal. Being on a ship means I am surrounded and challenged by worldly temptations. I am grateful that my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a defense against these temptations.

I am also grateful for a faithful, loving wife and two children who regularly send me copies of the Tambuli (English). The articles and the general conference talks increase my knowledge of the gospel and help me build a stronger foundation of faith. No matter where my ship may be, the magazine is my link with the Church.

Regino Penaranda
Muntinlupa 2nd Ward, Las Pinas Philippines Stake

Strengthens Testimony

I am continually impressed by the inspired content of Der Stern (German). The message from the First Presidency especially strengthens my testimony. The experiences of the Saints all over the world have often touched me and serve as examples to me in my difficult life.

I would never want to miss reading the magazine.

Volker Gebhard
Kaufbeuren Ward, München Germany Stake

From Cover to Cover

I was baptized in April 1992, the first member of my family to join the Church. As a single mother, I found that it was not always easy to face people’s negative reaction to my conversion. But my baptism was a glorious experience, and I have never regretted my decision to join the Church. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to help my four-year-old daughter develop her testimony.

I find spiritual support in a wonderful magazine, Lys over Norge (Norwegian). I read it from cover to cover. My daughter loves the children’s section. Whenever we go to our mailbox, she asks if the children’s magazine has arrived for her.

I share the magazine with my mother and sister, who are now members of the Church, and with my nonmember friends; they all enjoy it very much. I also place copies wherever I can—at my doctor’s office, on passenger ferry boats, and so on—so that others may read it.

Eldrid Helén Antonesen
Bergen 1st Branch, Stavanger Norway District

Very Special Cause

I have read many books, magazines, and newspapers, but none have given me the great peace and immense joy that I get from reading the Liahona (Spanish).

The sacrifices of Church members described in the various articles make me think that in spite of the global distances that separate us, there is a very special cause that unites us. It is nothing less than the fervent desire we all feel to share the gospel and labor together in this wonderful work.

Juan Heredia
Pianntini Branch, Santo Domingo Independencia Stake
Dominican Republic