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September 1994

President Howard W. Hunter: “The Way of an Eagle” James E. Faust
After the Test, a Testimony William G. Dyer
Our Return to Full Activity Vicente Muñoz Ulloa
An Iron Wall around My Heart Ursula Fischer
Learning from the Scriptures: A Lifelong Pursuit
Questions and Answers
A Protecting Hand Theodorus G. Baalman
Diary of My Enemy Stephen G. Biddulph
Temples and Testimony at Tikal Marvin K. Gardner
Anchor to the Soul M. Russell Ballard
I Found My Ancestors Yara Cassab Deloroso
The Perfect Teacher Wendy Evans Udy
Come, Llamas! Verna Turpin Borsky
Friend to Friend Dennis B. Neuenschwander
Sharing Time: I Forgive You Judy Edwards
Keep the Commandments Barbara A. McConochie and Darwin Wolford
Sacred Place Jane McBride Choate
Ezra Taft Benson Kellene Ricks Adams