Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty

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    Amalickiah, a wicked man, wanted to be king over the Nephites. Many Nephites left the church to follow him. Alma 46:1, 4–5, 7


    If Amalickiah became king, he would try to destroy the church of God and take away the people’s liberty. Alma 46:9–10


    When Captain Moroni, the leader of the Nephite armies, heard of Amalickiah’s plan to become king, he was angry. Alma 46:11

    Title of liberty

    Moroni tore his coat to make a flag. On it he wrote, “In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children.” Alma 46:12

    Moroni prayed

    Moroni put the flag on a pole and called it the title of liberty. Then, holding it, and dressed in his armor, he knelt to pray. Alma 46:13


    He asked God to protect those who believed in Jesus Christ, and prayed for freedom in the land, calling it a land of liberty. Alma 46:16–18

    Moroni among the people

    Then Moroni went among the people. Waving the title of liberty, he called them to come and help protect their freedom. Alma 46:19–20


    People came from all over the land. They promised to obey the commandments of God and to fight for their freedom. Alma 46:21–22, 28


    When Amalickiah saw how many Nephites had come to fight for freedom, he was afraid. He and his followers left to join with the Lamanites. Alma 46:29–30

    Amalickiah escaped

    Moroni took his army to stop them, but Amalickiah and a few of his men escaped. Alma 46:31–33


    Moroni had a title of liberty placed on every tower in Nephite land. The Nephites remained free and began to have peace again. Alma 46:36–37

    Illustrated by Jerry Thompson