Paper Lanterns

By Jill Johnson Hymas

To make a paper lantern, you will need: 7.5 cm x 12.5 cm piece of sturdy holiday wrapping paper, scissors, a stapler, and ribbon.

  1. Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Cut slits along the folded edge of the paper (see illustration).

    Paper Lantern
  2. Unfold the paper and shape it into a circle. Overlap the ends of the paper and staple them together.

  3. Punch holes on opposite sides at the top of the lantern. Thread ribbon through each hole, knot the ends, then use the ribbon to hang the lantern from your Christmas tree.

Quilted Greeting Card

By Karen Sweeny-Justice

To make a card, you will need: a piece of plain construction paper, a pencil, scissors, glue, fabric, embroidery floss and needle, and a pen.

  1. Fold the paper in half, and then in half again to make a card.

  2. Draw a simple shape (star, snowman, tree, house, or ornament) on the front panel. Unfold the card, then, starting in the middle of the shape, cut it out.

  3. Cut a piece of fabric large enough to amply cover the cutout shape on the card.

  4. Turn the unfolded card to the wrong side and lightly glue around the edges of the cutout. Place the fabric over the shape, making sure the right side of the fabric faces down, and press flat with your hand.

  5. Thread the needle with three strands of embroidery floss, and knot the end. Starting from the inside of the card, bring the needle through to the front and stitch a .6 cm seam around the cutout (see illustration).

  6. Glue all around the bottom half of the paper, then refold and press the card together.

  7. Write a Christmas greeting inside.