Joseph and His Brothers

Read about Joseph’s reunion with his family in Genesis 42, 45, and 47 [Gen. 42, Gen. 45, Gen. 47]. Mark an O around the statements that are true and an X across the statements that are false. If you are correct, you will have three Xs or three Os in a row.

Ten of Joseph’s brothers went to Egypt to try to buy grain.

Joseph’s brothers didn’t know who he was when they met him in Egypt.

Joseph was angry that his brothers had sold him into slavery.

Joseph told his brothers they should be mad at themselves for what they had done to him.

Joseph said that it was good for him to have been sold into Egypt, because he had saved lives.

Joseph didn’t want his brothers to tell his father that he was alive.

Joseph’s brothers were shepherds.

Pharaoh would not let Joseph’s family settle in Egypt.

The Israelites increased greatly in number.